Spreading Awareness, Encouraging Action


How to Get Involved!

Most importantly, come to the rally on October 24th. Bring your friends, neighbors, and family! If you're able, bring a sign denoting your town, and your climate concern.

Help us recruit others to come along. Click here to see a generalized list of suggested local groups to contact within your town.

Help publicize October 24th by putting articles in local newspapers and other publications (submit an article, write a letter to the editor, add it to your town calendar). Click here for an article about the rally. Please feel free to use it.

Download our "Join the American Energy Revolution" color poster and hang it up around town, or send it to your local cable-TV station! Do the same with our "Make History!" poster -- and let us know if you have a place to display this as a yard sign.

Get in touch with us or your town contact if you have questions that aren't answered here. Surrounding towns are organizing walks, car pools, bike rides, and other activities in conjunction with this event, see what you can do to help.

Click here to see our current list of of represented cities and towns. If your town is not on this list and you are interested in being the town contact, please send us an email at info@gwenet.org.

To get even more involved, go to the www.350.org website to learn more about the significance of the number "350," and the importance of this event to our future.

Get in touch with us, or encourage others to do so. You can email (info@gwenet.org), call (781-863-1400), or come to a meeting: GWEN will host a brief planning meeting for October 24th at 7:30pm on September 24th and October 15th at the Whole Foods Market, 170 Great Road in Bedford, MA. Anyone is welcome to come and share their ideas on how to make the day a success. (Please call ahead to confirm meeting details.)

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