Spreading Awareness, Encouraging Action


"Creating a low-carbon economy will lead to the greatest economic boom in the U.S. since we mobilized for World War II." President Bill Clinton


Take Action!

No one group can do all the work.  There are several ways that anyone can help slow climate change, and educate others that climate change is a reality! First and foremost, you should be sure to make your own energy use as efficient as possible. You can find many suggestions for this by exploring our webpage, or the other webpages, to which we have links. Once you've done that, you can play a more active role, as described below. 

1. Send letters to your elected officials. Click here to download a sample letter to President Obama. Just fill in the date, plus your name and address, sign it, and stick it in your mailbox. Better yet, compose your own, original letter. Click here for a sample letter to a senator in one of the dozen or so possible "swing" states for a strong Senate bill (WV, VA, PA, OH, MI, IN, MO, AR, LA, NM, NH, CT and ME). See here for the list of addresses. Your elected officials want to hear from you! To find out the names and addresses of all of your elected representatives go to votesmart.org. Letters to the editors of your local papers can also be very effective. Send a petition to President Obama, asking him to spread awareness and act on climate change by clicking here.

2. Help out with GWEN's ongoing activities. Check out some of what GWEN is working on right now by going to our ongoing activities page found here.

3. Volunteer  with GWEN. GWEN is always looking for energetic people with a passion for helping to save the planet. Tasks may include writing letters to everyone from the President to local news channels, helping create and organize GWEN events, updating our website, and coming up with new and creative ways to educate the public about climate change. Hours are flexible. For more information please email us at info@gwenet.org.

4. Donate to GWEN. Help GWEN do what we do best, help educate people about climate change and encourage them to act.  Every little bit helps!




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