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Some Ongoing GWEN Activities

Here is a list of a few of GWEN's ongoing activities.

As always, GWEN would love any help that anyone can offer. Help could include: sending your own versions of the sample letters that we've provided links to below, calling your elected represenatitives in Washington or your state capital, or just telling your neighbors. Be creative! Let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

1. We are encouraging all climate-concerned citizens and organizations to urge President Obama to go on prime-time, national television to give a "State of the Climate" address. This speech would help bridge the huge gap between what the climate scientists know and what the general public knows about climate change. GWEN feels that this is a vital step in helping U.S. citizens understand that climate change is a serious and urgent threat, and that citizens have to take action to help slow climate change. Click here to see one of the letters we have written to President Obama about this campaign. Please feel free to print it out and send it, or your own letter.

2. Continuing our focus on President Obama, we have been encouraging him to educate and lead with a petition on Change.org, and with other actions, asking the President to take more responsibility on climate matters.

3. Since the election of Scott Brown as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, we have been supporters of the Paint Brown Green Campaign which you can find here.

4. We are also working on several letter writing campaigns to the CEO's of large chain restaurants and retail stores, asking them to switch to energy efficient lighting in all of their locations. GWEN feels that if the large chains start doing this they will be lowering their carbon footprint, while also setting good examples for smaller stores, and their customers. Click here for an example of some of these letter. (We encourage you to download, date, and sign any of the letters, then mail them to the businesses.)

5. We continue to work with Bill McKibben's 350.org as well as coordinating with local chapters of climate groups. We are in the process of extending our projects internationally as well in order to achieve maximum results.



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