Spreading Awareness, Encouraging Action

Did you know . . . ? Mountains are being destroyed (along with streams) to produce coal.

"The human race has had long experience and a fine tradition in surviving adversity. But we now face a task for which we have little experience, the task of surviving prosperity." - Alan Gregg

Slow Global Warming!

Top Twelve Ways that YOU Can Help to Slow Global Warming (Encourage others to follow your example!):

1. Use less energy at work and at home. (Turn the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer, conserve hot water, install compact fluorescent bulbs, and donít forget to turn off lights and appliances when you leave a room.) Conservation is the most immediate and cost-effective action you can take.

2. Add insulation to your home, your hot water heater, and your hot water pipes.  Install double-pane windows.  (These can be do-it-yourself projects for those who are handy, or you can hire a local contractor to help you.)

3. Be more efficient on the road. (Buy a smaller, more fuel-efficient, or hybrid car.)

4. Walk, ride a bike, car pool, or use public transportation when possible.

5. Encourage President Obama to inform Americans, and lead the fight to stem climate change. Take a minute NOW to call (202-456-1414), fax a quick note (202-456-2461), write (1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC 20500), or send a comment (at www.whitehouse.gov -- see the "contact us" button in the extreme upper right).

6. Spread awareness & get involved! (How about making copies of this list of suggestions and handing it out to friends, family, and co-workers?)  Participate in the ongoing, 1,000,000-strong Virtual March, or other local and national events, for example, the 1,000+ local activities that happened across the United States on April 14, 2007 at StepItUp 2007.(Both of these sites have additional worthwhile links.)

7. When possible, air-dry your clothes, dishes, and hair. (Install a clothes line.)

8. Save the shade. (Plant, donít cut down, trees.)

9. Recycle; cut back on disposable products.

10. Elect climate-aware politicians.

11.  Review the misconceptions.

12.  Donate to GWEN.


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